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    Just got this email from Sprint. What a crock of sh*t! Are they serious? $75 for my Treo $600!

    Because you're a loyal Sprint customer, we would like to show our appreciation by presenting this unique offer.

    It's easy to take advantage of this offer. Just bring your old Sprint PCS Phones in good condition to a participating Sprint Store. You can receive a service credit that will be applied directly to your account - up to $75.00.

    Now, Sprint will buy back your old Sprint PCS Phones:

    TreoTM 600 by palmOne $75.00

    Sprint is committed to changing wireless for the better. We make wireless easy for you, and now it's more rewarding than ever.
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    I had the exact same reaction to this " offer ". Or perhaps insult would be a better term. I bought my 600 based upon the reliance from Palm that they would have a SD WiFi Card for it in a matter of months, and I am going to hold them to their word. Companies cannot make promises and not keep them. There are legal remedies for this kind of conduct. I hope that those of us who are in a similar position will also apply some pressure. In a market as competitive as currently exists for PDA's, a class action suit could prove to be more costly than simply following through on their promises.
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    You could almost certainly ebay the phone and make more than that.
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    I have a Treo 300 that might make this worthwile.
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    I asked about this at the local Sprint store. The rep agreed there wasn't any incentive to trade in a working Treo. But he did say they'll give you the trade-in even if the device is broken, so it's a way to get something out of nothing, at least.

    He also told me that if you donate a phone via the Sprint store, they'll give you a receipt for a charitable deduction listing the value as $100 for a non-Sprint phone, or $200 for a Sprint phone. One way to get rid of old junk lying around.
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