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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    It's easy to determine links that are text as they will be surrounded by <a> </a> tags. However, links that are graphics would likely behave differently. I'm guessing they'd still want to save graphical links to the end of the process as one tiny graphical link can be the same information as a page of text. In 99.999% of the cases, I think the page of text is more valuable than the link.
    I know about the <a href> tag; what I guess I didn't say clearly was that to find the links you have to download the text. They come in one stream, not separate streams like images. So I'm not sure exactly how they can get links before text.

    Maybe it's not so much of a download issue as a render engine issue. Maybe they pull down the text of the page and only present links, then go back and render the text, then go download associated images.

    Links that are graphics are just the normal <a href> tag with an <img> tag embedded (unless they're doing something fancy). Again, the alt portion of the <img> tag could be displayed to allow a text description of the link while waiting for the image to d/l. Assuming, of course, the developer bothered to use the alt text field.
    - Fushigi
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    BTW, I do remember that in the CNN example (only), when I clicked on a link before the page fully loaded, I got a message telling me that I would have to wait for the page to load and that Javascript was not yet loaded. This wasn't the case for other websites I tried, like (ugh)!

    I just looked at CNN.COM in IE and the links are not javascript calls. Seems like the browser has criteria for deciding when to allow early link navigation (i.e., before the page is fully loaded) and when not to. It could be that they links I tried had onclick actions.

    Still, I think seeing all the text that quickly for such a large web page is a huge plus. The best example of this is CNN where you'd be able to browse the main news and headlines while the pictures take their time in loading.
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    BTW, the current picture in the main story on has Peterson's attorney talking into his Sprint Treo 600
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    Good catch! Cool...

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