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    Here's an idea for an app that people may find useful (let's call it "Keep In Touch").

    I like to stay in touch with people in my network by calling them whenever I have free time. I usually want to call the people I haven't spoken to in the longest time first, and work my way down the list. It would be nice if I could add contacts to an app (chosen from my address book), and have the app simply display this list. Everytime I make or receive a call, if the person I talked to is listed in this app, the app moves his/her name to the bottom of the list. That way, whenever I have free time, I just glance at this list and call the person on the top.

    I know this could probably be done in the phone apps (Datebk5 has a call log, though I use Keysuite)--but a simple app that does this would be nice and could be independent of the phonebook you choose to use. Plus, a separate app lets me only add the specific contacts I want to track, and not my whole phonebook--i.e. I don't need to keep in touch with my local dry cleaner though his number may be in my phonebook.
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    I believe there is a category of S/w called 'contact management' that does this. You keep notes on people (kid's names and last time called, when's the next time you should call. etc. I believe programs like ACT do this. They remind you when you should call someone.
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    send an email to callfilter's developer, they might add it.

    I like the idea

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