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    I just the 300 on eBay and had it activated today. The phone works great, but after loading the HotSync software, I can't get XP to recognize the Treo. I don't even see the drivers loaded. The software loaded with no errors and loads and runs with no problem. I just can't sync up the Treo with my PC. What am I missing?
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    Did you download the Palm desktop? Here is a link

    Good Luck
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    Yep. I loaded the Palm Desktop off the included CD.
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    Well, I downloaded and installed the suggested file. Same result.
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    Check this:

    - Do you see the hotsync icon in your system tray on the PC?
    - Have you tried a soft reboot of your 300 (using the stylus tip on the back of the device)?

    I've need to do both of these in the past...
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    Download and instal the latest version of pocket mirror from the chapura website. It works fine with XP.
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    PMirror wont make any difference unfortunately - the issue here is recognition of the USB driver file palmusbd.sys.

    Uninstall the PD software. Shut down your PC. Start it up again and then re-install the software. This make a huge difference in getting the USB driver to be recognized.

    Two things happen in the registry when you perform the first synch:
    1. A new class of USB device is registered
    2 A USB device is enumerated against that class

    Windows XP is particularly flaky on USB enumeration and most especially when you upgrade to XP. Starting up the PC from off makes it more stable than a PC that has been running for days.

    Make sure you have Palm Desktop 4.0.1 or XP will never synch
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    Got it to work. I tried a different USB port. Something as simple as that. Geez, do I feel like an *****!

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