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    When I get a call on the other line, and want to hang up on just that 2nd line, how do you do it without hanging up on your original call also? The only options on the screen is "hang up on all" and "swap". Also vice versa, if I wanna hang up on your original call, to clear the name off the screen and go to the 2nd call, how do you do that? I have service with Sprint PCS.
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    On my phone when i want to end the second call i just switch back and when the other person hangs up it just goes away.
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    thats the only way i have been able to do it.
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    Nothing can be done at this point. It's a network issue with Sprint.
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    I am not at my phone at the moment, but I believe that if you are on call 1, then call 2 comes in, you can disconnect either one by hitting the backspace key. It will disconnect the call you are on and the other call will ring back in a few seconds. It will seem like a new call is coming in, but the other party will not here the ringing. Hope this helps. (This works on the 600, don't know about the 650)

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