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    After reposting my camera after that diphole scammer wrecked my first auction, of course guess what's the first email question I receive within minutes of reposting? Yep, different a-hole, same scam - almost to the word. I really freaking hate eBay.

    I hate to say this, but maybe eBay has to do what Paypal has done - just not accept registrations from certain parts of the world. Which is unfortunate for the milliions of honest peoples in those regions. But after looking back on the 31 items I have sold over my eBay tenure (a few years - I keep all eBay emails and seperate the scam ones), I have received 77 scam messages - every single one originating from either Singapore, Africa or Malaysia. I could be wrong but, as far as I can tell, not one of them that was a scam was from anywhere else. I'm just getting sick of it. And that scammer who actually bid on and won my item last week was the last straw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davetati
    And this would never happen in the US right ??? Please.
    We all have guns, so we just rob people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobookins
    It's generally a good idea to avoid generalizations.
    I guess we should avoid that generalization?

    Jokes aside, I agree to some degree. But I also believe in facing facts even when what they indicate may not be politically correct.
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    I have a different phone for sale on ebay and just received and email from someone from out of the country wanting to purchase it. Same thing, western union. THey sent me confirmation that the money was sent to western union and want me to ship the phone and then I will get my money. I know this is a scam so I would not bid on the one from romaina. DON"T DO IT>>>
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    If you want to be sure never send your goods before having the money in your hands (or on your PayPal account).
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    Wow - way to restoak an old thread... If you think it is a scam, it is.
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    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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    Look like some of Romanian friends are in trouble:
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