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    just purchased a used Treo 90 to replace a visor. the treo did not hold a charge, and the auction house discolsed this fact. i bought a new battery, and it will not hold a charge either, max 8 hours. it is very frustrating.

    is this a hardward or software issue? if software, is there a download to correct? if hardware, how can it be corrected.
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    Try an in-cradle reset. You may need to do this to reset the charging circuitry.

    The charger can be any type of cradle or cable that charges your device. The important bit is to make sure the power adapter is plugged in and supplying power to your device during the reset.

    1. Connect your device securely to its charging cradle or cable, and connect the cradle/cable to a power source.
    2. Use an unfolded paper clip, or the reset tool at the tip of your stylus.
    3. Gently press the reset button inside the hole on the back panel of your device.
    4. All data on your device should be retained. If you do lose data after a soft reset, you may have a more serious issue with your hardware that requires a repair.
    5. After a soft reset, the Welcome screen appears, followed shortly by the General Preferences screen (to set time and date).

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