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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJ80
    ...Using Powerrun and an SD card has created all sorts of extra space on my T3. I don't come anywhere close to filling up the memory of the T3. I expect the same will be the case, especially since i don't believe powerrun will be necessary on the 650 since it can launch apps directly from the card.

    So, I think if you are concerned about the memory, I would first get the thing and examine this new capability and see how that plays out.

    This is true. Now that we know that the 650 will be able to utilize the speed of Ultra II cards and will not need software like power run, I suspect that running larger programs such as a dictionary off the card will not be painfully slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AVANTI
    <PalmOne> We at PalmOne sell our GSM Treo 650 sim card unlocked, meaning that the device can be used with any GSM carrier supporting the Treo 650.
    When I used the loyalty discount to upgrade from my 270 to the AT&T 600 it came locked even though it was directly from PalmOne and even though the 270 was unlocked. I raised an unsuccessful stink to Customer Support then wrote a letter to PalmOne's office of the president copying AT&T and the California Public Utilities Commission. I got an unlocked 600 in return. I am also party to a lawsuit on phone locking and recommend that everyone who is affected chime in. See for details including a link to the lawsuit.

    Meanwhile, I wonder what "GSM carrier supporting the Treo 650" means. In theory the kind of phone shouldn't make any difference unless there are some specific data formats or something...
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