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    I accidentally deleted verichat without signing off of AIM. Verichat was set up to alert me via SMS in standby mode. Now, every single AIM message that comes into my AIM account generates an SMS on my Treo 600. I tried re-installing Verichat, but that just added another instance of SMS to my queue. So now when I sign on, it says I'm signed on in two locations, both being the Treo, of course. Does anyone have any clue how to somehow log off from that previous installation of Verichat? As it is, the Verichat servers will probably keep me logged on forever! Please help! Thanks,

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    I would either e-mail PDAApps and ask them to disconnect you, or try re-installing and signing in and off. Not sure how their server connection works, though.
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    Problem solved...

    I tried reinstalling Verichat but that just generated a new AIM session. Luckily, the desktop version of AIM provides a way to disconnect all sessions at once. Here's what you do:

    1. Sign on to AIM from your desktop. You should get an AOL System Message. Click Yes to accept the message.

    2. The system message appears, telling you how many locations you are signed in on, with a link to a support site that does absolutely no good at all.

    3. This is the trick: REPLY to the system message in AIM. You can reply with any text at all.

    4. Once you reply to the system message, you are given 2 choices, one of which is to sign off at all other locations. Choose this option.

    This totally fixed the problen. Hope it helps anyone else with the same problem!


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