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    I have my memo pad stuff on my computer but it does not transfer to my Treo. I go to look up stuff on my treo and there i nothing there. Can anyone give me a hand??

    Rodney Sr.
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    The HotSync Manager application on your desktop computer lets you change the way you synchronize data between your handheld and your desktop computer. Most built-in applications on your handheld have a conduit that links the data on your handheld with the data on your desktop computer; each conduit has customizable settings.

    You may need to change the conduit settings:

    1. Make sure HotSync Manager is turned on. You may locate the HotSync icon in your Palm or Handspring folder, then double-click the icon.
    2. Right-click on the HotSync Manager icon in the Windows System Tray located at the lower right portion of your computer screen.
    3. From the menu that appears, select Custom.
    4. In the Custom dialog box, select your handheld's user name from the pull down menu at the top of the window.
    5. Click on the conduit you want to change.
    6. Click on the Change button.
    7. Select an option for the conduit setting.
    8. Click on OK, and then click Done.
    9. Perform a HotSync operation. You should now be able to transfer all the intended files.

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