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    Many times the person to whom I am speaking hears a very annoying buzz on their end of the line. This happens with many different people and appears to be caused by my Treo 600. In addition to this intermittent buzzing sound, people also have heard their own voices in echo. All of this appears to be originating from my phone. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Very common fault. This has happened to me twice. I suggest if it is under warrantee you get it replaced. Although there is a D.I.Y. fix out there (do a search for buzzing) on this forum. The fault is caused by inadequate shielding on a cable if my memory serves me right.
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    What Hicks said.

    Perhaps you'd care to read my post on how I fixed mine?

    BTW the fix can be downloaded from Xiao Bin's site. The link is here. All you need is a Torx screwdriver set ($5 from Home Depot), a piece of cigarette wrap foil, and a bit of luck.

    Good luck
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