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    Question for you guys that have already placed your pre-orders with Sprint and Palmone. Do they bill your credit card immediately, or did they tell you that you won't be billed until the order is shipped?

    I ask because my local Sprint Store says that they will receive a shipment of Treo 650's the week of Thanksgiving, and Palmone states that shipping can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks, and now its saying back-ordered. I don't want my $600 tied up with Palmone, when my friend at the Sprint Store calls and tells me that they have the 650 available.
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    No billing until shipment for both.
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    ...and now its saying back-ordered...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDeJaneiro
    No billing until shipment for both.
    Thank you!
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    Back-ordered??? I didn't see that on P1's site.
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    its just the status your oder goes into. It doesn't mean they have sold out already! They just arent yet available for shipping. I had one of the first orders when they launched the pre-order and it says "back ordered"

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