I'm new. Hope this is the right forum to post questions about the Palm OS. Here's what I need help with:

1. Delete key - Does one exist, if so, where is it? To edit text, it appears you have to use the 5-way Nav button to arrow to the right of the text you want to delete, then use the Backspace key to delete. I'm hoping there's an easier way to delete text, but have not found it.

2. Purge not working in Contacts - I am still experimenting with the hotsync function, so I am loading a subset of my main address book from PC to Treo. Need to delete all after each test. The menu command Purge does not work, however, so I must manually open and delete each Contact. Any idea why Purge is not working?

3. Shutting off GPRS - Whenever I send email, the GPRS icon stays lit for a long time. Anyway to manually close the connection?