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    Sign up at and get 3% back off your total purchase ($18 for $599 purchase price) at Palm One.

    Not a scam, I use it all the time for lots of things (from baby stuff to computers). I earned over $100 last year, and all you have to do is go to the site through the ebates site.

    You also get a $5 credit for everyone you sign up. I'm not soliciting, but if you want to give me the credit, PM me and I will give you my email address for the referral.

    Either way, enjoy your $18 off!
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    You can get slightly more (3.3%, $19.77) at Fatwallet.

    I've used both ebates and fatwallet fatcash, and both are legit.
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    I concur re. ebates. Kind of cool to get a check in the mail. Sometimes, however, you do not get the special pricing or "sale" at the specific site you are viewing, if you go through ebates. Example, what you might see as a sale or offer by going directly to P1 website, might not be available if you go to the P1 website via Ebates website. It prevents a doubling of offers.

    If it works, however, it is great to get a little bonus.

    I am happy to provide a referral to anyone interested (though Dean probably scooped me on the offer).

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