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    I use my Treo as an alarm clock. Often, the alarm doesn't ring. When I turn on the Treo to see what's going on, the screen blinks wildly. The only thing that stops it is a reset. (Sometimes, only a warm reset works.)

    I've deleted just about every program that I thought could be the culprit, except TealLock. (No more Butler. No more TreoHelper. No more helpful programs.)

    This happens so much that I can't depend on my Treo any more. Sometimes it happens during the day and I can't can't calls until I turn the thing on and notice that it's stuck in a blinking pattern.

    Anyone have any idea how to cure this?
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    I have had this flashing screen problem. I don't use TealLock any more, OnlyMe now, but I don't think TealLock was the problem anyway.

    I don't get it now. Do you have FileZ or Fileprog ?, if so go into your Internal directory and make sure all the _a68k files from the removed software have also been removed. They could be your problem.

    Forexample when you remove Butler, you can not remove the _a68k file until you have done a soft reset.

    If you are not sure which ones should be removed, just check for the master file. ie if you have got a file called prog followed by a file called prog_appl_a68k then prog is still on your machine and should be left there.

    Just for the record, I now use Butler, Treo Guard, mSafe,Technician, Graffiti Anywhere etc etc without your problem, so once you have cured it you can go back to all those apps you loved before.

    Good luck,

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway

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