After installing (upgrading) to Enourage 2004 I found that all multi-day all-day events that crossed weekends were partially doubled (duplicated entries) in Entourage but looked fine on the Treo. After repeated calls to MS I finally determined that it was a bug in Entourage 2004 (not X)-- you can see this for yourself if you enter in Entourage or the Treo such a multi-day non-timed event across a weekend (it may also occur in other places). (MS, or at least the people I talked to, were not aware of the bug until I pointed it out to them!)

At first, I thought this was just a problem with how events are displayed, but now I'm not sure. I am finding that if I try searching in the calendar the Treo soft resets almost every time. I've hard reset and reloaded the datebook data from the SD card, and it still does it. I loaded a slightly older version of the data (prior to sycning with the new Entourage version) and it does not reset.

Are others seeing ths problem?