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    Quote Originally Posted by techjunkie
    The silicon looks like would get in the way of the keyboard. Is it soft enough so that users won't accidentally type 2 or more keys at once? If it's usability is high, The silicon sleeve may be the winner for me.
    Sorry if my post was confusing, I typed it in a hurry.

    After looking at the Silicon Sleeve case, I see that the case covers the keyboard part as well. I wonder whether the case would get in the way of typing. If the silicon is soft enough, I guess it would not get in the way of typing. Otherwise, I can imagine that users can mistype a lot.
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    VAJA! VAJA! VAJA! Three reasons.
    1. INCREDIBLE protection against drops, falls, spills, etc. I don't even have those "heart-stopping" moments when the Treo drops with my Vaja.
    2. The belt clip design (removable) is simply the best out there. Want it off so you can keep it in a pocket? Fine. Want fast access right off the hip? Fine. Vaja has you covered.
    3. Let's face it. We all enjoy the "oh" facter these phones have. Well, with my Vaja the case gets compliments before they even check out the phone! Greatly enhances your Treo's "cool" points! I was a big believer in the "simple stick-on belt clip" philosophy until I got this case! Amazing. You get what you pay for!
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    I know that this might be expensive but what about using a Vaja case and a Covertec together. Could you put on a vaja case and then wear a covertc on your belt to carry it (does the covertec have that much room inside?) . It seems like the biggest point of danger in dropping a treo is when you take it off your belt or put it on in which case a silicone skin or vaja might help against an accidental drop if you miss the covertec or just happen to fumble the 650 while using it. Or is this idea so dumb only Dory would think of it?
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    Question about the Vaja.

    If you get the clip option, can you remove the metal pin from the back of the case? You know, so it will lay almost flat or not poke you if you decide to keep it in your pocket instead of using the belt clip. The way they have the options worded on their site, it's hard to tell 100% if you can or not. I would like to be able to if I chose that option.

    I think I will buy one tomorrow (if I can ever decide on a color).

    edit: looks like DrDoom answered my question. I are not a very goods readerer.
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    That silicone case looks nice. It just does not have a belt clip.

    Also the leather Latch case looks good too...

    I this the Vaja that you mean? Does it have a belt clip?
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