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    I just got my Treo 600 from Verizon, now I need to figure out how best to get email. I want to stay away from WS due all the problems with it. I want a email client that can be scheduled to check my POP3 account a few times during the day, like every hour or two. What would be the best solutions. Also, I get hit by quite a bit of Spam in Outlook I use SpamNet which does a great job, how do I deal with Spam with a 3rd party email client on the Treo.

    Already falling in love with this Treo.

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    Take a look at for your spam solution
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    I'm in the same boat, I use SpamNet for my Outlook at home and it works great. I tried out WirelessSync and even though the messages got moved into the SPAM folder, it would still sync them because they were new. If I deleted them from my device it would also delete them from the SPAM folder in Outlook but personally I like to perm. delete all junk.

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