I've been thinking...I'm going to the Treo show in Chicago tomorrow. I'm also tempted by the P1 offer that includes the free bluetooth headset. And finally, I'd like to get my T650 as soon as possible.

So, why not order from both...and whichever one arrives first is for me, and the second one I put up immediately on ebay, still in the sealed box, where I would assume it'd sell for the $600 I paid for the one from PalmOne. (Perhaps even more than $600 if they're in short supply, but I'm not looking to profit off it.) I've got a pretty strong sense of ethics and nothing about that seems underhanded. Just a combination of being impatient and entrepreneurial. :-) After all, Palm still sells two phones, and I am a legitimate T600 user who got the invitation for the upgrade offer, so it's not like I'm cheating my way into the headset. In fact, my main motivation isn't the headset, it's just that I want to get one as fast as possible.

If I did that, would my buyer be able to use the $150 new customer rebate when they activate (if they're a new customer)? My understanding is that the rebate is done when you activate the phone. Do they care where you bought it from? It'd still be a brand new phone in a sealed box that I'm selling.

Feel free to try to set me straight if there's something wrong with what I'm thinking about doing...no flaming please though. I'm honestly soliciting opinions, and if you convince me, I won't do it. : )