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    For the rest of you who have a 650 in hand:

    I'm trying to get dial up networking to work and I'm running into a problem. When I turn on Dial Up Networking from the Bluetooth application, I get the following error:

    TransLibOpen err

    And when I turn it back off, I get:

    TransLibClose err

    Are any of you getting this error as well? Has anyone successfully used it yet? And if so, what treo sw build are you on?

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    Curious--is this a GSM unit?

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    I thought it was documented that DUN was not going to be available in the first release but it will be added later?
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    faulty unit 8080 - pls return it to my address
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    faulty unit 8080 - pls return it to my address

    NO..NO...beelzebueb is scamming you. return it to MY address....!!!
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    geez...thanks guys for all the thoughtful help ;-)

    Yes, it is a GSM unit. Anyone out there who *actually has* a gsm 650 on hand? Can you confirm this for me?

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    You woul have to post some proof, a pic of the actual unit would be nice Of course I don't have one, but surely buy one when available. THX in advance
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    Not too many people here who actually have the unit in hand(especially a GSM version), so you might have to wait awhile for a solution.
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    its a faulty unit, return it to me, thanks
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    hey, where and how did you get it ??
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    Unfortunately I dont have a GSM unit on hand. But if you or anyone can provide me one ( and I believe i am not the only one here in Europe, America or Asia) i will be EXTREMELY HAPPY to try to help you out in this
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    Try reloading the qrd file. Then reset the bluetooth auger. Restart. Since you reloaded the qrd, enter tyu2679st5te3sa back in to the integer. Restart again.

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