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    - the sprint rebate's site says I am elibile for $150 (18 month) rebate
    - I have a rebate form from a Sprint store

    If I order from Palmone, can anyone confirm that sprint rebates will honor the $150 form with a palmone receipt?

    Thanks in advance
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    I can't confirm, but I would assume so.
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    Just checked the rebate card, says your receipt has to be dated *before* 11/13/04!

    Also, it doesn't like the 650 (of course, not out yet) for the rebate.

    Oh well...
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    The CSR I talked to over the phone at Sprint said that it woud be fine. I bought my 650 from P1 too.
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    Thanks for the response. Did she mention the 11/13 expiration?
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    What rebate card?
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    I picked up the form at a Sprint store that I have to send in to get the $150 rebate check. Just wondering if the CSR mentioned that there is a deadline, or if the deadline would roll over and they would continue to offer the $150 equip rebate.

    Also, just wondering if the CSR said when you have to reup your 2 year contract - upon activation of your new phone?
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    Don't worry about the date on the card. They'll have a new offer out immediately after with the same thing. You can easily get the rebate cards at Radio Shack (though there are two types: one for new customers and one for 18 monthers like you and me)

    That said, according to the rep I e-mailed

    "Thank you for contacting Sprint about rebate.
    Here is the last of our sales and service partners :
    - Radio Shack;
    - Best Buy;
    - CompUSA;
    - Wal-Mart; and
    - Costco.

    If they are offering you the handset, you will receive the mail-in
    rebate form with the handset. In case you do not get it, you can
    collect it from the nearest Sprint Store. Please note that the Circuit
    City is not our partner now.
    I suggest you to make a purchase from the nearest Sprint Store as all
    formalities and information will be provided to you there only. Even,
    the store specialist will activate your handset. To locate the nearest
    store, simply click on the following hyperlink:
    Thank you for contacting us, and we look forward to serving you.
    Daryl V. Sprint eCare"

    That said, I assume that even though he didn't list it, PalmOne is an authorized seller, but it may be a crap shoot. Anyhow, they are strongly trying to steer you into buying at a Sprint store. One woman I spoke to in the store said that they might even be able to give you a service credit for the $150 if you are a good customer rather than send in the rebate form. You can activate your phone and sign up for 2 more years right there. Otherwise, if you buy elsewhere, it may be a bit of a hassle when they first turn down your rebate and you have to argue with them for it :-)
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    thanks mausalot and all
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    Now that number portability is in effect, carriers only give you something of you are loyal. 18 months is pretty much a standard number. In other words if one carrier gives you $150 for switching and one carrier charges you $150 for switching, there is no reason not to switch carriers more often since there is no real penalty for the customer who wants to switch carriers and/or phones every month when a different carrier has a promotion.

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