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    Per 650 user's manual:

    "Memos are a great way to store notes on your Treo. Each memo can include 4,096 characters of text."

    I hope this does not mean there is going to be a 4096 byte clipboard limit.
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    I think there is a per memo limit of 4,096 characters. I hit it all the time with my 600. At some point it just won't let you type anymore. You can of course start a new memo though. I guess they expect you to have lots of little memos, instead of a few (relatively speaking) large memos. Hence the term "memo" I guess.

    Hope that clarified it for you.
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    I switched to pEdit some time ago. Memos can be much larger & the editing capabilities are more robust. The downside is no real support for the 5-way nav (unless it's been added lately).
    - Fushigi

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