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    My Verizon Treo 600 crashed to a white screen yesterday for the first time. The Verizon technician at the store where I bought it was clueless ("I am scheduled to go to my first Treo seminar next month"). He is going to try to escalate the issue to someone who DOES have a clue.....I shall hold my breath!

    I have loaded almost no IT dept has installed some software, either on the phone or our Exchange server, so that I could finally retrieve my e-mail....sporadically.

    Has anyone solved the 'White Screen of Death" or at least figured out a way to work around it....short of letting the battery die or doing a 'soft reset'????

    Has anyone figured out how to get tech support on the Treo 600 if you are (unfortunately) a Verizon customer?
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    Verizon *611 from your phone

    Try clicking on the home button or other hard buttons. If that doesn't work do a soft reset. Everything is still there so no problem.

    If you have backups of the added apps delete them or go through and de-activate them. More than likely there's a buggy app or a conflict.

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