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    I picked up the RhinoSkin Leather Flipcase for my T600 at about $20 and have been "happily" using it for about 4 months. The "flip" cover protects the screen when closed. When opened, the screen and keyboard are exposed. The case fits snug around the edges and back leaving the keyboard and screen open. The back has cutouts for the camera and speaker. A really secure metal knob protrudes from the back and secures to the belt holder. I bought the case at a local CompUSA, but a google search located a photo of the case:
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    I bought the same case last night for my new 600. You're right. It's a very nice case. However, I may return it. The Treo doesn't seem to slip easily in and out of it, and I don't know if I'm into having the big leather flap hanging down when I answer a call. Also, the stylus is tough to pull out.

    What I'm looking for is something that: a) allows easy access b) can protect the surface of the phone c) doesn't add huge bulk and d) has a belt clip

    What I may get is the OEM Side Clip case and also put the silicone skin case on the Treo. That way, I have a nice case on my belt, and have a protective, grippable skin when I pull it out of there...

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