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    Here is the plan I formed a couple of months ago. The plastic around the switch that changes the phone from ring to vibrate broke. Since I have the SprintPCS Protection Plan, I can get it replaced at any time. However, I understand from many people that if they do not have your phone in stock when you go to get it replaced, they will offer to replace it with a comparable model.

    So I am waiting for the 650 to come out in decent numbers and go in for a replacement. Hopefully, they won't have the 600, and I can get it upgraded for free.

    Think it'll work? I'm certainly not going to pay another $600.

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    They will have an inventory of refurb 600's to replace your phone with. Don't count on getting the 650 at all...
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    What if I manage to find a location where they don't have any in stock?
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    Sounds like a scumbag move to me..... They'll have stock of 600 for a whilllllllllllle though.
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    Yes, scumbag. Taking advantage of the very service they offer me. Not a big deal if it doesn't work, I just don't want to fork out $600 again.

    Yeah, you're probably right about the stock of 600's... Ah well.
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    they ship replacements out from a central location, they dont swap them on the spot. With the 600s record, sprint will have refurbs until 2018!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drgandy
    What if I manage to find a location where they don't have any in stock?
    They don't replace from local inventory, they will order a replacement from a giant warehouse where there are plenty of 600 refurbs waiting for you.
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    considering they still have a stock of what appear to be new Treo 300s (i.e. I just got mine replaced under sprint warrenty and I got what appeared to be a new in box treo 300) they are going to have replacement 600s for the forseable future.
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    I agree with you not getting a 650 as a replacement, I just got a replacement Sanyo 8100, which has been discontinued for 3 months. When I called it in, I thought I might get an 8200, which is the current model. No dice, I got a refurb 8100 in the mail. Now on to buy the 650!

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