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    Hi everyone,

    I have checked through the zlauncher documentation and this appears not to be an option, but I am thinking I may be missing it. I would like zlauncher to act like the default launcher on my treo 600, whereby when it first comes up there is a box around the first app, and using the 5-way keys lets you move around to other apps before using the centre button of the 5-way to select.

    At present, you need to press the centre button initially to get the box around the first app. Is there away to get the box to appear automatically? It just seems to me to be an extra keypress that is unneeded?


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    I don't agree that it's an unneeded extra keypress. When I go to the launcher, I'm more likely to scroll through the tabs than I would be to pick on the first application. If it automatically hilighted that first app, I'd have to navigate back to the tabs to move around, and then probably hit something else to get to the first app in one of those tabs. Not to mention that with 40+ apps on my device, I'm usually hitting the first letter of the name of the app I want since it'd take far too much effort to scroll to it from the first app

    But that's just me!

    And no, I don't know of a way to do what you're asking, unless maybe there's a way to disable the tabs?
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    I'd have to agree with jennyfur, unless of course you only have one tab. One other thing you can do if it's useful is to press the first letter of the app you want to run. It will highlight it (assuming the app you want to run is the first app alphabetically listed based on the letter you pressed), then you can activate it with center button.
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    I'm not saying that the way I would like to do it would necessarily be best for everyone. However, the way I move from tab to tab is to press the launcher key repeatedly until I get to the right tab. Since I have pressed the launcher key to bring up zlauncher in the first place, this seems more natural than having to use it and then the d-pad to scroll through the tabs.

    Indeed, my method really would involve less key presses, wouldn't it? ie, if you wanted to move to the second tab and start a program, all you need to do is press the launcher key twice, and then the d-pad to get to whatever program you want (although using shortcuts is a good idea for frequently used programs). On the other hand, don't you have to press "launcher",d-pad right, d-pad centre, and then use the d-pad to get to whatever program you use?

    Or have you set up zlauncher differently somehow? Maybe you haven't set up zlauncher on a hard key so that you need to use the d-pad to scroll through the tabs? If this is the case, I would agree that not having the first app highlighted would be better. Hence, I think it would make most sense if it was an option you can select in case you have set up zlauncher with a hard key.

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