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    Quote Originally Posted by ambtreo
    I don't understand all the fuss between Goodlink and Chatter:

    Chatter costs $25/license (one time) and if you pay $20/year with Fastmail ( you get a hosted email account that connects to the Treo/Chatter through IMAP. So you can only sync online 8 folders - and I would also bet that the pushes with Chatter are faster than Good - I know that they are faster than BB!

    I currently utilize my corporate email account (we run Exchange 2000) and personal email (fastmail) accounts through Chatter. I sync 4 folders (inbox/outbox for each email account) and best of all, I can file emails to any of the sub-folders on the server, whether or not they are sync'd (up to 125 per account). All of these actions happen real-time. Sometimes my emails will be rec'd in Chatter b4 hitting Outlook!

    So let's compare--->

    Good: $1600 per year annual 5 user license, extra computer required to run software (cannot be the server), quasi-push technology utilizing sms triggers, ok-syncs all components of outlook vs.

    Chatter: $25 one-time license fee per user, no software is required to be installed on any computer, real-time email pushes (i swear, quicker than BB), online syncing of 8 folders, works with exchange or any other IMAP email client....

    Unless you're IBM, why in the world would you choose Good over Chatter?
    If you use an Exchange ASP like you only have to pay the monthly email fee ($12.95) and $330.00 per year for Good. It's not $25.00 per year but it's also not the $1600.00 plus the computer you quoted...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMGoldie
    You can sync old email from any exiting sub-folder using the DEBUG command.

    There are many many one button shortcuts. You do not have to use the Option button.
    Ok, can you elaborate on each?

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    I am a GoodLink reseller (see signature below). GoodLink is a fantasic product, but many people have missconceptions about ActiveSync. I get GoodLink for free, but I choose to use activesync for my situation. I am currently using a PDA2k PPC handheld, and GoodLink happends to be a memory Hog on that platform... causing the handheld to be very sluggish. If I were using a Treo, I would no doubt be using GoodLink.


    ActiveSync & GoodLink are almost the exact same speed here. This is not what most people think, but its true. THe problem with ActiveSync is that the product is poorly documented and most people don't set it up correctly. In reality, goodlink and ActiveSync deliver email in almost the exact same way.

    The difference between ActiveSync and goodlink are more in how they deliver the SMS push message than anything else. The way goodlink (and activesync) work is.. there is a server proccess running on your email server monitoring any changes to your email box (calendar etc). When a change is noticed, an sms is sent to a dedicated (owned by good) SMS server at your phone providers datacenter. This sms server relays a SPECIAL HIDDEN SMS to your handheld. This tells your handheld to sync with the server. This is how it works. In the case of ActiveSync, the difference here is that the ActiveSync server sends the special SMS to "". This proccess can be a little slower (for activesync) because the GoodServers have less demand on them.. but most of the time ActiveSync and GoodLink are exactly the same speed. Another thing to note with ActiveSync, you must have a decent SMS plan with your phone company.


    Both GoodLink & ActiveSync can sync all subfolders... or just the ones you want. There is no difference here.


    This is where GoodLink shines, and is why ALOT of companies choose goodlink. With goodlink, if you loose your handheld, its as easy as just telling the system to deactivate that handheld and it sends a special SMS to your lost phone and deactivates it (erases all its data too).

    Also, there are other security things you can do with GoodLink. Example, you can force people to use a password to access their handheld (never seen this work well for people's phones, but its there for those ultra-security environments). You can also disable games etc from being use on the handheld (This is for the ultra-tight managers, I think this is unneeded).

    There is a misconception that GoodLInk is the only one that also encrypts the email transmissions, but ActiveSync does this as well. There is no difference here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farzonalmaneih

    Both GoodLink & ActiveSync can sync all subfolders... or just the ones you want. There is no difference here.
    How can I do this with Good? I don't get the old emails. Someone mentioned I could use DEBUG to force sync of old emails, I found the DEBUG menu, but don't know how to tell it to sync up old emails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doogles
    How can I do this with Good? I don't get the old emails. Someone mentioned I could use DEBUG to force sync of old emails, I found the DEBUG menu, but don't know how to tell it to sync up old emails.

    The best way to do it and the way tech support suggest doing it is to move the emails to a temp folder then move them back to the origanal folder. This will force the sync of those emails to the client. From what i have been told, when you first provision a client, it only syncs the last 100 emails in the inbox. Hope this helps...

    Also a small tid-bit...If you need to upgrade the client on multiple Treo clients, you can setup a SD card for the upgrade. When you put the SD card into the Treo, it will upgrade the client to the version installed on the SD card. If anyone wants more info on setting this up, let me know and i can post it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttoppins
    pzarquon, I believe you have to have an exchange server to use goodlink as it is an entire package including a server side install which allows synchronization between the exchange server and the handheld. You might try the built in Versamail application or Sprint Business Connection for your particular situation.
    GoodLink v4 is supposed to be released any day and it will support hosted exchange environments like 123together and mailstreet. This is also the version that allows wireless provisioning.
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    debug to get all your mail from your folders:

    from the GoodLink Home screen, type debug

    this will bring up a command line on that line type:

    fetch 1000 inbox:*

    then enter

    This will pull 1000 emails from all the folders in your inbox. This, I am sure, is going to generate a couple of questions:

    1) My folders are not under my inbox. GoodLink does not support .pst. Sorry. Hopefully, we will, but .pst folders are client side, which means GoodLink would have to access the client which, for security reasons, we don't do.

    2) I have more than 1000 emails to sync up from folders. OK, simply run the fetch command again to get the next 1000, etc.

    GoodLink 4.0 (any day now is right) will support hosted environments even better than 3.7. 4.0 will also allow 100% hands free over the air provisioning and third-party app deployment over the air. The device will never have to be cradled as it relates to GoodLink.
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