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    I have ordered the unlocked GSM T650 via the Dallas Roadshow. While I would like to get one sooner the $350 price tag is worth the wait. I figure I'll be able to sell my T600 for close to that on eBay.
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    I am staying with GSM AT&Tingular because my contract is up January 2005. I want to leverage that in bargaining for a better price. If I don't get a significant discount I might consider jumping ship.
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    I would use a payphone before I went over to Sprint!

    I placed my order for my 650 after the Dallas Roadshow.
    Hope to have it soon!
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    Going to wait for the GSM version. I get 5000 anytime minutes from T-Mobile for $99.00. Can't leave that. GSM FOREVER!!!! or until a highly superior technology emerges.
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    Thinking of changing my avatar to Bill Clinton since seeing TxDot.
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    No question, I am waiting. For a world phone, great coverage that is getting better by the day, EDGE is coming, that doesn't suck batteries or have the myriad of other problems always listed by the CDMA/TDMA users. A Cingular customer service is wonderful for me, as long as I call during daylight hours in the West, and am not transferred to the South (I think Louisana, customer service there is the worst.)
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    My Sprint contract ends in 01/05, and I may jump ship to GSM. I'm not a big fan of that funky blue color on Sprint's T650!
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    Also waiting for GSM, because my current T-Mobile service is very good, I travel internationally, and I'd like to get an EDGE plan in the near future.
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    I am with everyone else here. I am a GSM holdout on T-Mobile!
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    Jumping from VZW to ATTWS/CING as soon as they get it. Sprint has the worst coverage of all carriers here on the CA central coast. VZW has the best, but I want this phone before I retire in 2021!! Hopefully the ATTWS/CING merger has helped ATT's GSM coverage!!!!!
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    I'm also waiting for the GSM Model. I will be attending the Tradeshow here in NY on the 16th. I just hope that the Unlocked AttWS/CING is not branded and have built in software only compatibable to ATTWS/CING.

    GSM is the best. One great feature of GSM , is that you can have many phones and switch back and forth with ease. I change phones like I change cloths. JK.
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    Waiting for GSM. I use it around the world, Sprint don't work...

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    i too am waiting for GSM. Sprint is too high and all my phones are unlocked
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    I'll wait for GSM
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    I was going to wait for GSM as I have T-Mobile, but someone told me Sprint has a plan where you get unlimited roaming for $5 a month which allows you to use Verizon's towers. Wouldn't that make their coverage really good?
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    we are all with you bro, gsm ot nothing.
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    No matter how you look at it CDMA has NOTHING on GSM with respect to retaining value because of world wide acceptance. No, you don't have to be a globetrotter but it doesn't mean someone from Germany may not buy your unit on ebay!!
    I have detailed files.
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    I was seriously thinking of going to Sprint too until the GSM's came out... yes, I have a problem. But, now I'm a little mad that Sprint has cornered the market on 650's until the end of the year. I think that really sucks for GSM users out there. So, now I'm gonna wait for the GSM... unless I get out of control.
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    I'm defineately staying with my at&tingular gsm service. I just gotta try and hold out till it becomes available
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    I'm staying with you in GSM, but I'm also staying with T-M. I've stayed out-of-contract with them for more than a year because T-M's technical and local store support is the best I've had. In fact, I'm more likely to stay with GSM/T-M than I am to get the 650.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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