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    I've been using the Treo600 for almost a year now and absolutely love it. However, the fact that its big and bulky is making me wonder if using two devices instead of one could be a better option at this time?

    Y'see, I used two devices lately that I loved- the Motorola Razr V3 and the Fujitsu Pocket Loox 720. The Motorola phone looks amazing and is so thin and light that you'd barely feel you're carrying it. This is great when going out at night when you dont really need the weight.

    And the Pocket Loox with integrated Wi-Fi and VGA screen was also very very nice. It definitely allows me to use the "PDA functionality" in a much better way than the Treo.

    Which makes me think- is it worth switching back to two seperate devices?

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    Why not switch to GSM and then you can have both, the Treo and cheap phone for those nights out? Isn't the Razr kind of an expensive phone to lose?
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    I don't know the Loox, but I would think the two devices separately would take up more space the Treo. Just thinking of the savings of circuitry with a converged device is pretty key the way I see it. However, even if it's not, it's worthwhile for me to have my address book in one place rather than two (phone and PDA). It's also worthwhile to think about charging one device rather than two. Plus the Treo has a thumbboard which is an advantage for me (maybe not for others though).

    To each their own, though. Convergence isn't for everyone. People here can probably give you a list of pros/cons of each. I'm guessing you've experienced both though, so if I were you, I'd draw on that and make a decision based on that. Even when you bought a Treo 600, it wasn't the best PDA out there, and there were definitely smaller phones. So I have to wonder why you went for convergence in the first place.
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    Or one could go for quasi-convergence by choosing the GSM Audiovox SMT-5600....worth a look.
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