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    I've had my treo600 for a year now, i signed up with Sprint and had gotten a great discount when it was first released. I only signed a 1 year contract and i am planning on getting my 650 on another carrier. Does Sprint provide the fastest connection speeds or does verizon and cingular? Thank You.
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    They're pretty fast... but they're definately the cheapest.
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    Sprint is supposed to have a faster downlink vs Verizon's faster uplink due to the way they allocate their timeslots. However, they are both basically the same speed and support 1xrtt. They both are also in the process or already have deployed 1xEvDo, however they Treo 650 will not support this...

    I believe Cingular will support EDGE on the GSM Treo 650. Edge is suppose to have greater burst speeds than 1xrtt, but real world studies show it more around 80-100 kbps. That is a bit faster than 1xrtt, but it's reported that cdma carriers can still improve rates via various codecs etc. Cingular also offers a $20 unlimited data plan which $5 bucks more than Sprint. Verizon imo has the worst data plans in the market...
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