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    I am getting a 650 through Sprint ASAP with the unlimited Vision. Everyone has been talking about the Bluetooth being crippled and not being able to use it as a bluetooth modem. My question is with Sprint Vision even if you could use the BT function as a modem how fast is the data transfer? Is it fast if you just plug the phone into the computer? Also I have heard of people playing movies on their treos is that true?

    Thanks for any info.
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    IF? Theoretically, yes! But not much faster than a 56k modem. You also have to have a BlueTooth card in your Laptop. 802.11b,g makes more sense for using the Treo as a modem.
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    802.11 is totally different in this context and won't help unless you're in a hotspot.
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    mmmmmm, 802.11 would help when someone writes a driver AND a little access point software for it... how cool....
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    Ah, gotcha. Treo becomes the hotspot.
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    Vision IMO is slower than a good 56K dial up connection.
    While the speeds might sometimes approach or even be faster the horrible latency of a vision connection makes it a pain to use.

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