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    To those that have been fortunate enough to preview the Treo 650, I have a question:

    How does the improved Treo 650 screen perform in daylight?

    I have read several reviews indicating that the new screen is "fantastic" or much improved, but no statement of its performance outside. As we all know, the current 600 screen is almost unusable in direct sunlight. I hope the new screen overcomes this flaw.

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    When using it in Dallas I noticed the glare did play a factor. There was a HUGE window behind me. I was still able to use it though pretty comfortably. I think as long as you do not have the sun directly over your shoulder you should be OK.

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    At the roadshow it was mentioned that the screen was better in outdoor use.
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    I thought the Treo 600 is much better in direct sunlight than other PDAs I've had. Certainly much better than the Treo 300.

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