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    While on vacation I would find myself trying to dial out using my AT&T Treo600, it would say it was dialing then beep and return to the dialpad. After many fustrating attempts, I called AT&T and the "Tech-Support" told me that I needed to take my Treo off network then return back on again on daily to "Reset the SIM Card." I am now finding myself doing this daily in order to dial out or use the internet...if I forget I won't get my voicemail or other things until I reset. Is anyone else having this difficulty? Seems kinda lame to there a software program that will do this for me? My wife and I have no home phone so our cell phones are our only outside line..hate to have an emergency and have to go through the stupid ordeal so I can dial 911....any ideas or comments?? Thanks for the help in advance. Take care,

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    Maybe a stupid question but how is your signal strength when you dial out?
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    I have full strength.....even shows i have internet service available...but i can't log on...nor can i call out...but as soon as i log off service and then back on all is nice if there was a software that would do this for me....thanks for the reply. Take care,

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