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    I'm thinking of switching carriers due to the simple fact Verizon will not, as rumors have it, have the Treo 650 until sometime Q2 of next year at the earliest. Now I have a tough choice to make: Which crappy carrier has the least crappy coverage in the Boston/Northeast area? Does anyone have experience with Sprint or ATT/Cingular here? Any info would be great. My contract is up in March and that gives me even more to think about; eat the $100 cancellation fee to go to a second rate carrier, or forego the coupon and wait until Verizon gets their act together. Sheesh life is hard

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    Where specifically in the Northeast do you use your phone?

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    I work in the Boston metro area but I travel to Buffalo, Albany, Providence, Hartford, and Maine. Just about everywhere in the Northeast outside of NYC. When I first moved here I had ATT and had to cancel due to poor service. Verizon is nice but I'm wondering if the others have gotten any better.

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    I travel the Boston to Albany to Syracuse to Rochester to Buffalo route and I am switching from Verizon to Cingular. I bought a Cingular pay as you go phone and their service was every bit as good as my Verizon. Unless you're using analog towers, I think Verizon's lead has disappeared.
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    I work in Westford (sometimes Cambridge), and live in Reading. I have a Sprint Treo 600, and I'm quite happy with the service (plus just $15 for unlimited web & unlimted SMS can't be beat)...

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    I live north of Albany and have lived in Syracuse and Rochester recently. The Cingular coiverage in this region is very good. My last trip to the Boston area, I spent most of the drive on the phone. With the exception of one stretch of the Mass pike in the Berkshires, i was covered all the way. Boston seemed solid. Before I moved to the sticks, I had Sprint and found it to be excellent in the major metro areas and along the travel corridors. Looking at Cingular/ATT also remember that Cingular shares network coverage with T-Mobile. Not sure how (if at all) this relationship will change since the acquisition of ATTWS,b ut it can't hurt.
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