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    Sorry to ask such a nOOb question, but how exactly does an unlocked phone work?

    I'm going to the Boston Treo Roadshow this Thursday mainly for the coupon, but also to see what can really be done with this device. I've read threads about the coupon being for an unlocked version of the phone for $350. Does this mean I can take this phone to Verizon and have it 'enabled'? If all it requires is a SIM card, does this cost money and how much? I really hope this coupon isn't only for Sprint, since they suck here in the Northeast. I'm hoping I can buy they phone for $350, pay a small amount extra for a Verizon SIM card, and get this baby up and running before the end of the year. Is this unreasonable?

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    The coupon is for:
    Sprint PCS Treo 650
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650

    With a GSM phone, you just pop out the SIM card from your phone and put it into the new phone. After that, you're done.

    Verizon does not use SIMs, and does not use the GSM network. Verizon uses CDMA, like the Sprint PCS. There is no guarantee that someone will be able to get the Sprint PCS Treo 650 to work on Verizon, although technically it is possible. It is not a recommended path to take... you will deal with many carrier locked features that cannot be reversed.

    In short, for Verizon, you are out of luck until they finish testing the Treo 650 and decide to release it on their network. Bad news, but not unexpected. Verizon has some of the longest handset time-to-release cycles of any carrier.

    I would not recommend buying a 650 from the Roadshow if you're committed to Verizon. I think you will end up extremely frustrated if you are betting on a Sprint hack. And neither Verizon, Sprint or PalmOne will endorse a hack.

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