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    I was gifted with a Treo 650 for the week from a good friend, and was able to for the first time spend some serious time with it. Sadly I don't have a charger for it, and not one local store (all the major chains) had a Tungsten T5 charger/sync cable in stock.. (yikes! pulls on shirt collar). Hopefully I'll get overnighted a cable, but until then I'm going to be powerless after tonight.

    Still, I made great use of my time on the device. First thing I did was play more with the bluetooth. I'm a bluetooth addict, I love it. (I use a 12 inch Powerbook with 10.3, and built in bluetooth) One of the coolest things is that after you pair the device, you can send files to the Treo with one click. No hotsync mess or anything. I can click send file in my mac, and the Treo chirps, receives it, and asks me if I want to accept it. Major cool. I tested this with both prc's and jpg's. I think as long as you have a helper application installed the treo will accept it. Installing files could never be simpler than with bluetooth on a mac.

    I also installed a copy of Salling's Clicker - the ultimate Bluetooth wow application ever: . It is full remote control software of the mac through applescript for the palm os. I can do everything from controlling slideshows and presentations (and I can see the image/notes on the screen), to controlling iTunes - and I can see the album art on screen. It does a lot more, and is completely codeable to work with any applescript application (anyone need a Treo remote control for photoshop maybe?). I was surprised to find that my RSS reader netnewswire had a built in plugin, in which I could read the headlines from the Treo. Useless, but very cool. It worked flawlessly (cept for lack of proximity detection (palm os problem) and phone support (bluetooth DUN on treo problem). If you aren't familiar with this app, take a look, I'm sure it could be very useful for some people, for others it's just like wow.

    At CTIA I never found the "small text" feature of Blazer 4.0, so all the webpages displayed in the same screen space as on the 600; hence my lack of enthusiasm for the new version. But I found it (under fonts, I'm an *****), AND WOW! Browseing the web is UNBELIEVEABLE on the 650 as compared to the 600. I put the two side by side while I loaded pages. In widepage mode, would fit in only two screens worth of scrolling. In optimized mode, everything was crisp, and there was a ton of info on. Plus it was fast. It has a different algorithm at rendering pages that dramatically makes it easier - plus the processor makes everything faster. It is a huge change, that I will definitely appreciate.

    One of the most fun things to do is to take the 650 and the 600 side by side, and just look through the two camera viewfinders; it's comical to see how bad the 600 is. One downside of using the 650, is that the 600 screen now looks dingy and yellow; the 650's screen is so sharp and amazing. Viewing photos is very interesting, because even with the 2 inches? of screen space, the density of pixels is so high that photos have such detail they look like as if you were holding a press device, with "simulated" screen images.

    The keyboard. I never got to have an extended time with the 650 at CTIA, but now having time to type things out, again WOW. I claim to be an experienced Treo user, but there is an immediate increase to the speed of my typing on the treo 650 keyboard; it's just easier.

    I think the 650 is interesting as an upgrade, because on first impressions it's not much better, but as you get deeper into workign with it you notice that a lot of your annoying quirks are gone, and then you are like wow, this device is awesome. (well 'cept for memory, lack of bluetooth dun, and lack of a few other issues still unfixed)

    This week I will try test every treo case out there (i think I have them all) for compatibility, and we will post comments on that. If all goes well, next sunday night we will post a review of the Treo 650.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    good sh.. I mean, STUFF!!!
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    Thanks, miradu. This is exactly the kind of stuff I come here to read.
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    Lucky you...

    Thanks for the insight!
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    I had foresaken the 650 for a Nokia 6230b with Reqwireless WebViewer (both excellent products, BTW) on Cingular... that is until I learned that the 650 is EDGE class-10 capable and will have the BT DUN profile. Thanks for the good news.
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    tell ud everything. I want to know about all the software changes!
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    Miradu, you rock!
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    Thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to getting my own. I'm stoked.
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    Thanks very much for the updates.

    Craigdts up there says "Tell us everything" - please do.
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    Question, are you a Sprint Vision user or how are you accessing BT? Is it a premium wireless plan. Also, what type of BT enabled computer are you using?
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    good stuff Michael, very good indeed.
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    Excellent review. I'm one who is awaiting the release of the 650 for Cingular. As one who will be new to bluetooth, would someone post simple explanation of "Bluetooth DUN" as it relates to the 650? My Google searches take me to sources that don't really explain. What abilities is the 650 missing in Bluetooth?
    Mark Bergman
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    From what I understand DUN is the BT profile that allows your Treo to act as a modem with your computer. I believe it is a profile similar to having a serial/usb cable hooked up to the phone. Look on the news section of Treocentral. That's where my limited knowledge came from.
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    Mark Bergman
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    DUN = Dial Up Networking.

    Using your computers Internet connection.
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    Can you please comment more in depth on the ring volume and vibrate strength? Thanks for all the info. It's great!
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    Hear Hrear! I say, excellent review!
    I was large and in charge!
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    Thanks very much! Great news and insigts. I look forward to more!!
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    Great stuff, MIRADU.

    Looking forward to the full review!!
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    Thanks for the preview....can't wait for the full review.
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