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    Yes I would like to know if 2) is possible, either now or in the future, when Sprint enables bt?
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    1) Is the correct answer: you surf the web on your laptop (or desktop) via the Treo's internet connection without having a cable between the laptop and the Treo. WiFi is faster, but with BT DUN you're not confined to Hotspots. You can bring your laptop anywhere and get online.
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    That was a superb preview, which I admittedly thought was a review until you said the review may be up by next Sunday.

    I'm just wondering how good my iPhoto pics will look when I get a T650 and can send 'em over via BT
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    Michael, a few questions...

    1) Does PDAnet work on the Sprint Treo 650?

    2) Do Treo 600 screen protectors fit the 650 perfectly (IOW, are the two screens exactly the same size)?

    3) Have you tried any videos (Kinoma, AVIs via MMPlayer, etc.)? It recently occurred to me that videos might be slower now that the resolution is higher. I assume that the Treo 650 doesn't have any built-in scaling, so even a 160x120 video upscaled to fill the screen might run slower (though the added MHz might handle it). I'm especially interested, though, in how well 320x240 videos will perform.


    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I think 2) would be possible by taking over the PC by remote control using a product like Bluetooth PC Remote Controller. Has anybody tried this? Looks cool to me.
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    didnt it say we could expect the full review by past sunday?!

    or were the glitches to major to be overlooked?

    still got that phone in your hand michael?

    when can we expect what review?
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    When he damn well feels like it! Michael's insight w
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    When he damn well feels like it! Michael's insight w
    Yet another disco - we know what device he was using to post, eh?

    Let's see how the review looks if it gets posted - bet it's Bowlderized (sp?)!
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