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    I got a Treo 600 a few weeks ago and have noticed that for some reason it seems to set off store security alarms when I enter/leave the store (the inventory control alarms by the doors). In particular, it always happens at Wal-Mart and Borders (plus others). It does not seem to make a difference if the phone is on or off. I have service with Verizon, by the way. Has anybody else noticed this? What gives?
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    Every time I steal a 600 the alarm goes off. Does that count? ;-)
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    Humm....I wish I was stealing one each time. Even though I think my Treo frequently sets of alarms, nobody has ever checked me!
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    Had a store alarm go off on me recently - walked through it a second time and no alarm. Weird. Haven't a clue if it's to do with the Treo or not.
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    Has never happened to me. Not once. A Treo should be no more likely to set off the alarm than any other cell phone.
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    I've had mine almost a year and never had anything like this happen.
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    I purchased a new pair of shoes, went home, put them on, and all of a sudden I'm setting off alarms all over the place.

    It turned out that there was a "tag" hidden under the liner of one show - I removed it and stopped setting off alarms....

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