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    I think someone posted somewhere in this forum that they were told at a roadshow that another associate who signed up to go but couldn't make it might still be able to get the discount. Does anyone have some definitive information on this subject? Thanks,

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    must attend roadshow and register.
    must fill out survey
    get one coupon

    one per person.

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    Unless you talk to one of their software partners, in which case you can become eligible for up to five at the discounted price. You would have to order your friend's phone under your name though.
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    there were a couple of post that said vienna (?) would ask you for a someone who attended the show as "proof" that you can get the discount.

    they placed their orders and got the email saying they werent eligible. a couple of ppl said that they were asked to provide an email for someone who attended. now, I havent read that they actually got it approved after providing the email.
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