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    I don't know if this is the right place, but...

    I plan to get the Treo from the Roadshow. I am also eigible for a $150 rebate from Sprint because I've had the same handset from Sprint for 18 months. However, it is unclear to me whether I can get the $150 rebate if I don't buy from a Sprint store. Anyone have experience with where you are allowed to buy a phone to get that $150 rebate? (I e-mailed sprint and got a slightly unclear response)

    (And yes, I have considered getting the 650 at the roadshow, selling it on e-bay for almost the difference, then buying one at a Sprint store to apply the $150 rebate. Seems like a whole lot of work for a work around.)
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    You don't have to buy it from a Sprint store, but you do have to have a receipt to get the rebate. You can get the same mail-in rebate from RadioShack, Best Buy, and other Sprint retailers. As long as they consider the invoice from Vienna Channels a receipt, I don't think it would be a problem.

    Oh yeah, and you have to renew your contract for two years and have a Vision plan.
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    That's what I thought (my wife bought hers at Radio Shack) But I can't remember how/where she renewed her agreement. Maybe at Radio Shack. WHat's the off chance that Vienna Channels can do this?
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    You can do it with Sprint. No one besides Sprint can actually renew your contract. Radioshack, Best Buy, and others either call Sprint or have a program that allows them access to Sprint's system. You could simply call Sprint via customer service and have them upgrade your contract when you do the ESN swap. But, like I said earlier, I'm not sure Sprint will acknowledge whatever we get from Vienna Channels as a receipt.

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