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    This might of been answered before, but I have no luck using search. I've read tuns upon tuns of reviews on the T650, but none has cleary gone over this question. Can the T650 Multi Task. Let me explain myself a little better. Say I am on the T650 surfing the web, and I want to say send a text and then look something up on a dictionary app, or calculate something on the calculator. Can I do all of this and return right back to the web and continue exactly where I was without reloading the page. I like to jump from app to app without losing any data that was entered.
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    If it works like my T|3 it will come back to the same place. It would be great if it had the home hold down option the T|3 has but I'd doubt it. Where ever you are in an application the Treo should return you to that with no loss of data.

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    Palm OS5 does not offer true multitasking support but some novel developers have figured out ways to do this to some degree. For example, there are IM clients and email apps that can check things in the background. Jumping from app to app and staying exactly at the spot where you were is not always possible, though some apps will remember where you were last.

    I can also tell you that I *think* that there's a calculator and notepad app that's designed to pop up on top of whatever you're currently using and can serve as decent alternatives for truly multitasking those types of apps. Someone else may be able to chime in with the specific app names.

    You can talk on the phone and run other apps (e.g., check your upcoming schedule). You can also play MP3s in the background while doing other things. So, in many cases and for most people, it's probably "good enough." I, personally, would like better multitasking support built-in, but the other advantages of the Palm OS have, so far, kept me fairly loyal to the platform.

    Regarding your specific questions about web browsing, I know that I can pull up a web page on my Treo 600, leave the web browser to do something else, then go back in and it will redraw the web page but it's doing so from local storage and not retrieving it again over the data connection. This takes a couple of seconds which is shorter than if it was fetching a fresh page, but I'm not sure why it takes as long as it does.

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    Thank you Eugarps and Scott R. But, why do you think that this is done this way. Does it have something to do with memory. I don't see why it would be so hard to program a OS that will allow you to jump from app to app like how its done on the computer. Its seems to me, when using my friends T600, that everytime I leave one app to go to another it returns the previous app back to the begining upon re-entering it. I hope this is something that is seriously looked into for the next OS uprade. Because, for people like me that are always doing more than one thing at a time, multi tasking is a must. On the other hand, according to Scott R, there are applications that address this issue, so I will be looking into it.
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    I'm not entirely sure, either, though true process context switching, saving stack information, etc is sure an expensive thing to do with little memory and a low-speed processor. Scott R is right, though, it is up to the developer to make their app "multi-task". All palm os 5 programs get messages sent to it's main routine either for starting, hot syncing, exiting, etc. If the developer is clever, they can write out necessary state information somewhere to be retrieved later on and appear to have never quit at all. I'm also unaware if palm os 6 will support this or not- does anyone know? And, does os 6 have preemptive or cooperative task switching? anyone, anyone?
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    TrueCrimeNY, true multitasking is, indeed, no simple matter for the OS programmers. Interestingly enough, the Palm OS core was not a creation of the original Palm team; they licensed it from another company. Supposedly, that OS did allow for multitasking but Palm's license only permitted them to expose one thread.

    OS6 supports multithreading, so better multitasking will be possible with that.

    treojunkie's comments about developers being able to save the state of their app before another app or keypress closes their app is accurate AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $For$ $many$ $purposes$, $this$ $would$ $be$ $good$ $enough$. $Where$ $you$ $need$/$want$ $true$ $multitasking$ $is$ $when$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $have$ $an$ $IM$ $client$ $and$/$or$ $email$ $process$ $running$ $in$ $the$ $background$ $while$ $you$ $do$ $other$ $things$. $Leaving$ $the$ $web$ $browser$ $to$ $look$ $up$/$copy$ $some$ $info$ $from$ $your$ $address$ $book$ $and$ $then$ $returning$ $to$ $the$ $web$ $browser$ $could$/$should$ $be$ $capable$ $without$ $a$ $multitasking$ $OS$ $if$ $the$ $app$ $saved$ $your$ $exact$ $state$ $when$ $you$ $left$. $Again$, $I$ $think$ $that$ $we$ $may$ $already$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $do$ $that$ $fairly$ $well$ $as$ $I$ $know$ $that$ $I$ $can$ $leave$ $the$ $web$ $browser$ $and$ $not$ $drop$ $my$ $wireless$ $connection$. $Returning$ $to$ $the$ $browser$ $can$ ($if$ $you$ $have$ $your$ $preference$ $set$ $this$ $way$) $return$ $you$ $to$ $the$ $page$ $view$ $and$ $display$ $the$ $last$ $page$ $you$ $saw$ $before$ $you$ $exited$ $the$ $app$.

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