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    I am about to buy an MDX with the BT option. I am looking at a BT200 with the adapter for about 80 on ebay. Saw the thread on the G2. Read the threads about both.

    Was there a bottom line - do both work conclusively and anyone tried both ?

    Has anyone got either working with a car that has BT - the MDX or other?
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    Rats .. was hoping to see a response on this thread ...

    I recently acquired a 600 (from Sprint) since they couldn't repair/replace my 300 (I had insurance).

    With my 300 I had (still have) a Jabra FreeSpeak BT200 for Non-Bluetooth Phones. I've tried using the BT200 w/the 600 .. w/marginal success. My callers can hear me, but I can't hear them. I went to the jabra site .. but it doesn't list the BT200 as being usable for the 600? Ebay does list the BT200 .. but the description indicates a "2-ring" plug vs "3-ring" plug??

    Anyone w/the Jabra BT200 ??

    Guess I'll keep searching too ...
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    c'mon people....surely someone can say definitively that a 600/bluetooth combo works (or doesn't) with cars that come bluetooth-ready!

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