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    cglaguna, I am also one of the most unorganized people in the world. got a really bad case of adhd too. been using palm os for years. helps me stay on track
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    I bought the Sprint Treo 600 on the second day it was released. I had it replaced once after about eight months because of the network search problem. I have not had any other significant issues. I have no problem at all with the build quality. All my keys and buttons have always worked perfectly. The 600 also has a wonderfully solid feel due to its having a built-in battery. I am a power user and use my Treo constantly. I have dozens of applications, and a 1GB SD card, but I could really use more than 32MB internal memory. For this reason, even though the 650 is a great upgrade that addresses some of the fundamental issues with the 600, I will probably hold out for the next model.
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    My 600 has worked fine too, and I've had it for probably 6 or 8 months. No problems whatesoever...battery life is good, no dropped calls, it's only crashed maybe 3 or 4 times...all the buttons still work and the screen is fine. I keep it in the case that it came with. I just don't understand how everyone breaks these phones. Be a little more gentle. It's essentially a small computer and is a little fragile. Be careful!
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    Same here Snyder81. I've had my treo for almost a year now and keep it in the case it came with. Sure it's starting to show its age (scratches here and there, chips in the plastic, metallic finish on nav wearing off) but they're really minor things that aren't that noticable and were quite expected by now. I've never had any problems with the device otherwise... the only crashes were due to unstable/beta software and a simple reset fixes that. I've even (d'oh!!) dropped mine once or twice and it still works as good as the day I bought it.

    I agree that bluetooth and high rez aren't a good enough reason to upgrade. I'd expect a device as expensive as this one to last me quite some time before moving on to another one. I'll probably buy the next treo after the 650. And who knows... by then a competitor might be making a comparable device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Looks like #1 is:

    == (1) Discos unexpectedly
    I dunno what you mean by "discos." The text box in Blazer DOES truncate messages pretty often, so I usually copy what I've written like a fiend. Actually, i usually just use a different browser (webviewer).
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