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    When I use my bookmark for a blog I like to read, sometimes there is so much text on the page that I get a message saying "Browser Error - page too large to load". When I click the OK button, it boots me out of wireless mode altogether and I have to reinitiate the browser to go somewhere else.

    Any ideas?
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    Mine has started crashing completely, i.e., going into soft reset under these circumstances. This has become much more frequent after loading on "cardkeeper 1.3" I guess the next step would be to remove that program, but it does its job so well!!!
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    this happens to me when:
    cache size is set too low or Low on Free memory

    Does it happen with some websites more than other?
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    Never happens with Web Pro 3.5
    Will load any page out there in no time at all!
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    If your cache is filled up, you could clear it. What phone are you using? You could also try and other sites that reduce file size for you.
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    I increased the cache size (once I found the setting deep in an options menu) and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

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