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    I just saw an article about how cool the Zodiac was. I'm wondering if anyone has used one and how its enjoyment factor compares to a Treo 600 or 650.
    I know the Zodiac doesn't have a phone, but has anyone tried it as their PDA and used a separate phone?
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    I had a Zod for a while. Best PDA I had ever used, but the Treo turned out to be much more practical for me, so I sold the Zodiac.

    The Treo's design, one-handed use and integration of communication facilities is unbeatable. The PDA2k looks as though it's close, but I think I will still go for the 650.

    There is no wi-fi available for the Zodiac, but it's fun factor is way above any other PDA I have tried. I think it's the only one with rumble/vibrate effects , the only one with TWO sd slots, and the only PALM PDA with a 3d accelerator.
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    Were any of the games GOOD?
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    I have a Zodiac. In fact, I operate a web site dedicated to it with discussion forums and nearly 1000 registered forum members: Tapland ( Go there and you'll find tons of great info.

    I've used it with my Sprint Sony-Ericsson T608 Bluetooth phone and it works well but the bundled web browser (made by PalmSource) leaves a lot to be desired. I end up using Blazer 2.0 (a holdover from my Treo 300 days) and it works better but, as you might imagine, doesn't take advantage of the full 480x320 resolution.

    Tapwave has been working on Wi-Fi drivers and hopes to have them ready within the next month. Rumor has it that they'll also be releasing a free email app as part of that. FYI, I own SnapperMail already and it works fine on the Zodiac. They haven't specified which brand of Wi-Fi SDIO card will work with their drivers, but it sounds like they've been using SanDisk cards for their testing, so that's probably a safe bet. Once the Wi-Fi drivers are out I'm hoping to see them put more resources into improving the browser.

    As for other non-wireless uses, it's very good. Gaming potential is very good. Their biggest hurdle is getting interested big-name developers on board. The games from Fathammer (including the bundled StuntCar Extreme) are very good and there are some other well-known titles due for release before the end of the year.

    Again, your best bet is to check out my site, read the archived news articles and reviews, read/search the forums, and post in the forums with specific questions.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Scott R, thanks for your reply. Since we have time before the T650, I think I'll look into the Zodiac.

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