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    I'm all for WiFi on the Treo 650, and even a thread or two about it. It's the sheer number of threads that's out of hand.


    Quote Originally Posted by rbright
    Funny how some people think that things they don't want to discuss, or they don't feel important should be shut down, halted, pushed to the back of the bus. Hmmm, I think the true choice lies in ignoring a thread you don't want to read. wow, there is even a handy "ignore" option.

    Is it really all that tempting to peek into the wi-fi threads to see what the "other" side is discussing? oh oh, then oh so tempting to have to add to the the discussion some worthless comment, completely irrelevant to the topic, thus adding to the thread, popping it up again and again, sending it to your email....oh, the temptation. Just drives you nuts doesn't it?
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    This thread adds nothing to the community.
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