No one seems to be taking this seriously. But, after buying a T5 this is what I have found when trying to close large database and other apps with the T5.
I got a T5 not long ago and had immediate problems with some of my
favorite apps. Those being the WTPubs and DateBk5. The DateBk (PIM)
was not even workable, I would get 'Fatal Errors' every time I would
use it. PalmOne said to get the T5 update and that should fix it, but
it was no help. Then I found a Yahoo Group for DateBk users I left a
message there about the problem with DateBk and the T5. Two days later
the software developer had a working solution. But here is what he
said about PalmOne and their new architecture:

"No palmone patch will make any difference as they have no intention of
trying to address the poor performance of the DataManager patch on the T5
(they know about it, but also acknowledge that with the different
architecture of the T5, trying to address it is just not practical for them
at this time)."

I do like my T5 but it looks like it has some serious problems which
I hate because it just may mean the demise of the Palm OS and the
PocketPC gets a leg-up on the handheld market :-(

See the thread below,

Yikes, there is always something