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    Hi All,
    After an update to PRL 50203 on my Treo 600, I notice the 1X indicator
    is no longer on the screen, and connecton is somtines not there.
    Messages say "check your id and password...your provider may not support
    dial up service."
    A call to Verizon (oh no)...they tell me with 50203, you are always on
    the 1X network, and the display will not show on the Treo.
    I suspect a funky PRL update or something else....
    Anyone with a Treo 600 in NYC using PRL update 50203?
    Is your 1X indicator gone?
    Appreciate comments to this whole thing.
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    I'm in Austin, TX (and Houston, TX right now) and I noticed the same thing, was about to post. I assumed we're always on the 1x network because that's how Sprint is as well. I haven't seen 1X for a while but I updated my PRL a few weeks ago.
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    I agree; my update to 50203 was just this morning. The 1X indicator is gone, but I am definately able to connect at 1X speeds. No question about that.
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    Thanks Brian, Steve...appreciate the reply. I travel daily from central Jersey to NYC.
    Seems from Late Thursday afternoon until about noon Friday, I had connection problems. It was also the first time I noticed the 1X indicator was gone, and attributed it to Verizon's network. Verizon did say with this PRL upgrade (50203), the 1X indicator would no longer show on the Treo, as "you are always connected to the 1X network except at times when roaming."
    Interestingly, my Samsung 530 with this PRL still shows the indicator...I assume this is just a Treo thing??
    Be well and thanks again.
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    I'm seeing the same issue. I live in Connecticut and work in NYC. Starting Tuesday night the 1x indicator on my Treo 600 disappeared after I updated my PRL to 50203. I've also noticed an increased number of incoming calls marked as "Roaming", although Verizon claims I'm not being charged roaming fees for them. I've spent a couple of hours on the phone with Verizon tech support over the last few nights, going through items like factory resetting the phone with them, with no luck (they seem pretty worthless...). After mounting frustration, I ended up giving up pursuing it last night since it seemed like I wasn't getting charged and I didn't notice any adverse affects on my ability to make calls or having reduced data connection speeds.

    One thing is interesting is that none of the 4-5 tech support people I talked to claimed that the PRL upgrade had anything to do with it, and they also claimed no one else was reporting this problem. One of them also told me that "with America's Choice there is no way for you to have any roaming charges!" which I found amusing!

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    Yes...I also noticed the increased number of calls marked as Roaming.
    Verizon made me go thru all the same setting changes etc, until one wireless data tech finally told me it was the PRL change that eliminated the 1X indicator, and it happens on all Treos. If it wasn't for this group, and your similar experiences, I'd never believe them.
    Interesting to see if a new PRL is released more quickly than usual that "fixes" this
    Be well everyone, and thanks.
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    Wow, I was just about to post this too... Just recieved my second Treo replacement. The first replacement was new, and this second one is obviously a refurb (latest firmware v1.04 and a second SN sticker). I'm in Northern CA and have noticed that the 1x is gone with the new phone, and that the Roaming indicator has appeared more than once.

    A couple of questions: what is "PRL" and how do you update it to the latest? I was under the impression there were no software updates consumers can apply to the Treo via Verizon yet...
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    The "Prefered Roaming List"...PRL...can be updated by dialing *228 and selecting option "2". This is a standard update on Verizon phones.
    What is the latest firmware version on the Verizon Treo??
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    Any updates to this? I'd like to update my PRL but won't do so if I'll lose the 1x indicator.
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    This appears to have been fixed in the past day or so. Just update your PRL with *228 option two or *22899. See the following thread at pdaphonehome for more details:
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    ok sumthing I just realized..
    I did a hard reset (cuz I wanted to) and before I restored from back-up buddy, I realized my 1x was back..I did the restore and it was gone again..I ground the gears a bit thinkin it may not be a PRL issue.. I turned off the aqua overlay for the keypad and 1x is back. Sooo.. 1x or Aqua skin
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    Down here in Tennessee, we have been running PRL 50210 with no 1X display. Just upgraded this evening to 50232 and it's back.

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