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    Hi All,
    After an update to PRL 50203 on my Treo 600, I notice the 1X indicator
    is no longer on the screen, and connecton is somtines not there.
    Messages say "check your id and password...your provider may not support
    dial up service."
    A call to Verizon (oh no)...they tell me with 50203, you are always on
    the 1X network, and the display will not show on the Treo.
    I suspect a funky PRL update or something else....
    Anyone with a Treo 600 in NYC using PRL update 50203?
    Is your 1X indicator gone?
    Appreciate comments to this whole thing.
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    This may be dumb, but what is the update for and how did you do it?
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    no dumb question...only dumb answers

    Here's a good one...this is a PRL update...or prefered roaming list. It allows the phone to see "changes" in roaming agreements and new cells etc. On Verizon phones, dial *228 and select option 2. This updates your list over the air.
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    I noticed this also a few days ago, but haven't really noticed an issue with the phone. Are you losing calls? Or do you feel like all of your calls are coming through now? Since my phone is on the data network alot more (because of Goodlink), I see all of my calls go to voicemail.
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    I cam across this thread doing a Google for this issue. Yes, I too have the same problem in Northern Virginia. I'm pretty sure it happened after a *228 update. All my services work fine EXCEPT for MMS picture sending - I get an error saying "Cannot connect to the server." After a lengthy session with Verizon data support, they are sending me a new Treo. However, if it is a PRL problem, I guess I'll still have the issue.
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    They sent me a new Treo-same problem, no 1x. However, MMS picture sending worked fine until I restored my applications and settings using HotSync. Then it stopped working. Clearly some app I have is interfering with MMS. At least I got a "new" phone out of it.
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    I just updated my PRL again tonight in NYC, and it's now 50209 on my Treo 600. Lo and behold, the 1x indicator is back!

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