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    I am trying the trial version of snappermail, and like it alot. the one problem I have is that my Treo 600 now turns on in the middle of the night when i have it in the cradle, and now i am developing an orange spot which is growing in the middle of the screen. I even switched the mail fetch to manual last night and it still occurred and the spot grew a little more. It seems when the 600 is in the cradle it will randomly turn on and not turn off but not try and retrieve mail Does anyone have any ideas how to get it to not turn on at night while it is plugged to charger?

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    There's a bug in the 600 that makes the screen turn on around 3 something am each morning. The orange spot I don't think was caused by snapper. Others have that same problem.
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    thanks, the orange spot did not appear until the first morning after i installed the program, and it is slowly growing each morning

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    SnapperMail does an automated cleanup and backup at 3am.
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    Open up snappermail and type "b u g" (no quotes or spaces) and you're presented with a "Hidden Preferences" screen. One of the choices is "Do 3am tasks now"....
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    hmmm...very cool. What exactly happens at 3am...I know there's archive and backup operation, but a) can you disable it and b) is this action connecting you to the network? When the phone is off?
    Thanks much.
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    Sprint phones turn on at 3am every night (briefly) to connect to the network to do a time zone update, if I recall correctly... a long thread on that here a while back. I've witnessed it myself...

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